International Trade Department of Suwon City Organizes Free Event for Taiwan Businesses

Taipei, Taiwan, February 11, 2021 – The popularity of Korean culture in Taiwan coming from K-Pop music and popular television soap operas create excellent business opportunities for Taiwan business people.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, the International Trade Department of Suwon City of Korea will hold a business matchmaking open to Taiwan business executives interested in new partnership opportunities with top beauty & healthcare manufacturers from Suwon City.

Suwon is the capital and largest city of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea’s most populous province. With a population of 1.3 million, the town surrounds Seoul, the national capital. Major international electronics companies and a wide array of small and medium-sized businesses are based in Suwon.

The participating manufactures were handpicked by the International Trade Team of Suwon City for their company excellence and product quality.

The event will be held at the Import-Export Center in Taipei, with computers and video conference facilities provided for free. Professional Korean-Chinese translators will assist at no cost.

Following companies and products will be available for matchmaking.

Taiwan Marketing Agency Media Gate Group will manage the Taiwan facilities and organization and coordination for interested businesses from Taiwan.

“For the past 20 years, our company helped supporting many overseas marketing campaigns and events for various Taiwan government agencies. I’m enthusiastic for this opportunity to assist local companies from Taiwan in finding opportunities to grow their companies with Korean partners.”, said Mei Chang, Sales VP and Co-Founder of Media Gate Group.

Companies interested in participating in this event should register at

For more information, contact Media Gate Group at or call the company at 02 2882 5577

The organizer will keep the option to reject unsuitable applicants.

Limited seats are available, early registration is recommended.

About Media Gate Group

Media Gate Group Co. Ltd. is a Taipei, Taiwan, based agency dedicated to aiding local and international clients to transition to digital sales. The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated to executives that it is imperative to transform their sales strategies into digital processes. Founded in 2001 as an online ad agency, Media Gate Group evolved over the years to support clients from traditional local events to digital advertising, copywriting, video production, and international public relations. Manufacturers and brands rely on the accumulated experience to let Media Gate Group engineer digital sales and business development systems using sales & marketing automation. For more information, visit

About The Department of International Trade of Suwon

The Suwon City Government established the Department of International Trade to foster trade and business opportunities between overseas businesses and local companies. Suwon is the capital and largest city of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea’s most populous province, which surrounds Seoul, the national capital. With a population of 1.3 million, it features major international electronics companies, eleven universities, and has a strong cultural heritage for sport and history.

The Department of International Trade helps local medium and small-sized companies expanding into overseas markets, finding market information, and organizes business matchmaking events. In a collaborative effort with the overseas Sister City governments, the department manages a trade website offering export assistance programs and services. For more information, visit

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