Issue 11 of iX imagazine, the German magazine for IT professionals, cores among other topics how AR, VR are not only for gaming and how Microsofts develops industry applications for it’s Hololens with several partners. Applications go from maintenance, education to prototyping and medicine.

By reaching decision makers like CIO’s, IT directors, developers and system administrators in the German industry, iX is a great source to market business solutions.

iX also releases its 4th Datacenters and Infrastructure special insert. This quarterly insert is a great source for companies with products for the datacenter market. The editorial content of this issue covers:

  • A study on efficiency technologies that make use of German data centers
  • The energy costs produced by wind power that drive data centers
  • The event when containers put security at risk
  • How much energy that one can save when using chillers with water
  • How compact modern ODF-Solutions are packed
  • Which errors are caused by Network designs
  • The variants that RZ-Outsourcing provides

Other exciting aspects and new trends in the IT industry that iX covers in this issue are:

  • Amazon offering Elastic Beanstalk services that bundles offers that include computing and load balancing as managed services
  • Why digitalization is the main topic for this month’s issue and why there is a need to create the Chief Data Officer in a company
  • How the DSGVO can affect big data applications and what you can do to make sure that you’re on the right side of the law


About iX: iX is a monthly magazine specifically made for IT professionals who are looking for the latest trends and potential investments in the industry. Among the broad range of topics include an in-depth discussion of networks, software development, computer systems and other specialized topics written by editors and writers who are programmers, application developers and system and network administrators themselves. iX is currently being read and enjoyed by CIOs or relevant people who belong to the managing board in the data center, organization, data processing and telecommunication businesses.

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