Security has been a concern for individual or corporations network users recently. Users are under the threat of hackers, malware, and viruses and the ways to spread them are also changing and unpredictable. Even though the innovative technology bring us convenience, without enhanced security products and services users may still be deterred. iX magazine’s latest issue by Heise will be delivering the in-depth introduction of security services. In addition, it will also introduce “digital transformation” and “Java 9”, which have been the hot topics lately. These are the latest technology trends cannot be missed out.

Issue 10/17 Topic preview

Market overview: Security as a Service
Security specialist knowledge about malware, log analysis, patch management or awareness training is not available in SMEs. In this breach jumped providers of managed security services. Tips for the selection of the supplier as well as a provider overview provides the market overview.

Software development: Java 9 is here
With Version 9, Java finally gets the modular Jigsaw system, which is expected by many developers. iX reveals how the new module system works and what else Java developers expect.

Corporate Strategy: Digitization
Everyone is talking about digitization and digital transformation, but what does this mean for companies? In the first part of a series of articles, iX examined whether digitization really needs to be a matter of top priority.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM and ML
Artificial intelligence and machine learning can not only make customer relationship management better but also more cost-effective. However, the emotionally staggered, ironic utterances are still stumbling.

iX extra Security: trends and products for it-sa
The digital transformation, and thus the Internet of Things, is a major challenge for security companies. And also the Ransomware problem is not solved long ago. iX reports what the security industry is presenting at it-sa.

Issue date: Sept 28, 2017