“Learning, making and sharing”, these three basic principles of the international Maker community are still topical today and have enabled numerous open source projects for hardware and software applications using the term „hacking“. Make offers a platform for this creative community to showcase its construction instructions and DIY projects made from old and new hardware components, microcontrollers, electronic parts and traditional materials such as wood, metal or fabric. Creative and surprising ideas and solutions are the icing on the cake.

Editorial staff supports these global maker groups with background articles and news about topics such as microcontroller and embedded development, electronics and digital manufacturing processes like 3D printing and laser cutting. The goal is to inspire the community to work on projects using tools like soldering irons and saws and to further develop their own technical ideas.

There is something for everybody: from interactive art installations to creative and self-programmed home automation.

However, the magazine’s contents do not only apply to electronics experts, but also to ambitious technical artists and creative computer designers.

In addition to the magazine, Make organizes the Maker Faire – a festival for the entire family – where makers, schools, hacker spaces and FabLabs inspire and invite to participate and replicate. Next to private makers, also companies can present their projects and products as sponsors of the Maker Faire.

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