How to grab customer’s attention? Do you put yourself in your customers shoes?
The good Content Marketing can hit the right target and catch their eyes for your products / services.

Do you need content for your website, blogs, brochures, e-paper, white paper and case studies, advertorials or your SEO strategy? Then you have come to the right place. As the expertise of providing marketing solution, we can help to write high-quality target-group related content for your communication channels.

More and more users are searching the internet especially for detailed, well informed formatted information to decide which brand to buy. This conduct depends on whether it is a B2C or B2B contact. The better you are able to consult the customer with the text without giving him the impression of wanting to impose, the greater the chance of fuelling the readers enthusiasm for your product. Customers are responsible, want to decide themselves and expect neutral and competent consultation. The better the consultation, e.g. via online channels such as your website or web shops, the more the customer feels looked-after and his willingness to purchase direct or to release his contact data in case of lead generation programs increases significantly.


Whether it is about explanations, technical descriptions, strategic advisors, product descriptions, purchase advice, news or opinions of analysts – our team is ready for you to communicate with media as we have our journalistic expertise and a large pool of trade authors from all sectors.

As well as pure text production, we also consult you on addressing target groups, the correct implementation of media elements (images, tables, photos, videos, etc.) and take on the entire product control for small as well as large projects at your request.

Our performance spectrum comprises the following work:

  • Text production for print and online
  • Book productions
  • Translations
  • Image selection and design of graphics
  • Video productions, screen casts
  • Author selection and briefings
  • Analyst contribution in cooperation with techconsult
  • Project control, establishment of editorial schedules
  • Maintenance of contexts in Content-Management-Systems
  • Editing for printing
  • Printer processing
  • And much more

Media Gate Group offer consulting service of multiple topics from ICT, Internet and multi-media world for comprises texts and videos form. We also help to draft content for many other industries from the household, energy, automobile, photography, leisure, games, natural sciences sectors and much more.

Contact us for more information and we can introduce you to the entire portfolio, including references.