Nowadays, our life is connected and combine with artificial intelligence more than you thought. From your smart phone, home appliances, or even to Lego blocks— more and more products can be linked with the application of artificial intelligence. One of the most commonly heard personal assistant is “siri” invented by Apple. However, do you know that, in fact, Amazon and Google have their own personal assistants for their products too? The latest issue of c’t magazine will be introducing in detail on different personal assistants from a few well-known brands. Furthermore, other application of artificial intelligence and newest technology information will also be highlighted!

The c’t issuse 22/17 Topic Preview

Gamer’s Delight
The latest and greatest gaming monitors feature record response times down to 1 ms and refresh rates up to 240 Hz. The displays prevent micro stuttering with FreeSync and G-Sync. On top of that they provide different color profiles for different games. Add to that a built-in headphone rest and you will see why your kids desperately “need” one our contestants from 24 to 27 inches and HD to QHD.

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana
The four personal assistants from Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft appear to be know-it-alls. They have an answer to just about every question and help their owners in many different ways – all thanks to AI. c’t highlights the differences between them and reviews devices from other manufacturers, too.

Laptops with Core i5 and SSDs
Our current recommendation: a new Notebook should at least have a Core i5 CPU and a solid state disk. In our labs some of the latest models with quite reasonable price tags had to prove what they are capable of.

AI with Lego
How does a neural network figure out what kind of items comes next on the factory assembly line? We have built a tiny factory with Lego Mindstorms EV3. And using the framework Tensor Flow by Google we trained a neural network that is small enough to run on the smart Lego bricks.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
On October 17th the next edition of Windows 10 will come to millions of desktop PCs. c’t evaluates the new features and guides you through the jungle of license models and upgrade paths. Least but not last we put the new security feature under tough scrutiny.

The magazine will be issued in October 14th, 2017.