iX extra SECURITY—Security trends 2017 & it-sa Guide:issue in iX 10/17

One of the most recent trends that companies need to deal with today is, on the one hand, digital transformation and the networking of devices – the Internet of Things. These radical changes must also be accompanied by new security approaches to ward off new threats. The second major security issue that companies must consider in their deliberations is the risk of Ransomware.

Online blackmailers are becoming more sophisticated and potential victims need to be able to provide countermeasures. The iX extra deals in detail with these areas, provides an understanding of the problems and shows how they can be solved.


The it-sa is one of the world‘s most important trade fairs on IT security. More than 400 exhibitors will be offering the largest range of IT security products and solutions in Europe, including physical IT security, services, research and consulting, at the exhibition center in Nuremberg from 10 to 12 October. Special areas and specialist forums also provide comprehensive information on current topics in management and technology. The it-sa is the starting point for all those who professionally deal with the security of IT infrastructures and decision-makers who are responsible for this


Both iX extra SECURITY & it-sa Guide is going to publish with the issue of iX 10/17 on Sept. 28, 2017. If you want to participate in this topical issue, do not hesitate to join us before the chance is gone!


A diverse range of hardware and software has been developed around Raspberry Pi, the compact single-board computer, with a highly active community of hobbyists and users. c’t Raspberry Pi 2017 presents this Raspberry world, offers useful tips for getting started and provides expertise for more challenging projects. Many designs and programming proposals give beginners and amateurs instructions on replicating applications as well as ideas for their own ideas.

Getting started:
• First steps with the Raspberry
• Overview of current hardware and software
• Installation, configuration and networking

Tinkering projects:
• Raspberry endoscope
• Raspberry information display
• Mini PC for less than €100

Fun and entertainment:
• Retro games consoles and accessories
• Internet radio
• CarPi – car infotainment

Networked home:
• Digital electricity meter readout
• Siri, Alexa and friends – homemade
• Telephone-connected Raspberry doorbell

It is undoubted that the future of Raspberry Pi is unlimited. If you’ve already gain the interest in Raspberry Pi, come join us!

This issue will be available on Sept. 25, 2017.


“Learning, making and sharing”, these three basic principles of the international Maker community are still topical today and have enabled numerous open source projects for hardware and software applications using the term „hacking“. Make offers a platform for this creative community to showcase its construction instructions and DIY projects made from old and new hardware components, microcontrollers, electronic parts and traditional materials such as wood, metal or fabric. Creative and surprising ideas and solutions are the icing on the cake.

Editorial staff supports these global maker groups with background articles and news about topics such as microcontroller and embedded development, electronics and digital manufacturing processes like 3D printing and laser cutting. The goal is to inspire the community to work on projects using tools like soldering irons and saws and to further develop their own technical ideas.

There is something for everybody: from interactive art installations to creative and self-programmed home automation.

However, the magazine’s contents do not only apply to electronics experts, but also to ambitious technical artists and creative computer designers.

In addition to the magazine, Make organizes the Maker Faire – a festival for the entire family – where makers, schools, hacker spaces and FabLabs inspire and invite to participate and replicate. Next to private makers, also companies can present their projects and products as sponsors of the Maker Faire.

Find more information about

Make magazine at https://www.heise.de/mediadaten/make/Welcome-to-Make-3196105.html

Make Online at https://www.heise.de/make/

Maker Faire at https://www.heise.de/thema/Maker-Faire

iX Issue 09/17 Preview

Market Overview: Engineering
Deep learning, neural networks, machine learning, AI: Software that finds itself, how to solve problems, find connections and adapts to the user’s needs, is to change the IT basic. Amazon, Facebook, Google and so analyze the data gigantic masses of the Big Data era, while Microsoft, IBM and others want to revolutionize AI technology the office workplace. Meanwhile, the technology can be used in any company.

Automated procurement processes
Digitization and industry 4.0 also change the procurement processes in companies. Modern B2B procurement solutions and shopping platforms are to be relieved of routine routines and provide a comprehensive view of the purchasing process. IX provides an overview of providers and current trends.

Memory-centric computer architectures
CPUs are now busy shifting data between different storage types with different access times and transfer speeds. In the meantime, several companies, including Intel, Fujitsu, HPE, are working on architectures in which storage, RAM and cache are growing together and becoming the focus. At the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, researchers are developing data models for the appropriate in-memory applications.

Linux for the industry
In industry, machines have a running time of several decades and the software is also used for the same time. This means a lot of maintenance for the manufacturers. Under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation work companies such as Hitachi, Siemens, Toshiba and Code Think in the project “Civil Infrastructure Platform” (CIP) on a unified software foundation based on Linux for embedded and control systems, which will consist of at least 15 years. iX reports on the current state of the project.

Topic special iX-Extra “Hosting II”
The benefits of cloud services for enterprises are obvious: No initial investments and payment only after use. This is combined with the lack of control over data management. This includes pure software services as well as pre-configured application servers or virtual private servers (VPS). But even complete private clouds can be relocated to a hoster and operated by it securely.

Issue on August 24, 2017

The German Audit Bureau of Circulation (IVW) released the latest audit data for Q2 2017.

The latest numbers show that c’t magazine leads the market , with a total of 246’305 copies sold through subscriptions and newsstand sales, over 50 thousand more than the second contender ComputerBild, which is also targeting a different audience.

A similar situation shows for the more specialized iX magazine targeting computer professionals. Below graph shows the comparison of similar publications in the German market targeting IT professionals.

While above numbers are based on hard fact of copies sold, an even more interesting research result was published by Allensbach Media Market Analysis (AWA), one of the most important media market research firms in Germany.

This research does not focus on the actual copies sold, but on the analysis how many people actually read the publications.

The study is comparing reach in 2016 and 2017 and interestingly is showing that c’t magazine mentioned earlier is bucking the trend of declining of readership.

While other publications have high decrease in reach, maybe as readers can find similar information on the Internet, the reach of c’t is actually increasing.

This shows that the in depth and high authority content by the large editorial team by the Heise publishing group cannot be easily copied by online media. Readers seem to be noticing that.

It looks like 2017 is an interesting year for the German print publishers and we will be all looking forward for the next quarterly report.

In Germany, printed publications are still widely circulated in the market. According to the Jan. 2017 audited no. by IVW, the German Audit Bureau of Circulation (IVW) since 1949, there’s 1880 audited magazines on the newsstand and distributed and unaudited no. even more 159,841,848 copies of audited magazines distributed per quarter.

Here’s the latest quarter II top IT printed publications audited by IVW FYI.
You may check the info. through IVW site for FREE download the latest audited publications at https://lnkd.in/g3jTmKg


IFA Special 2017, one of the largest technology exhibitions, will soon be held in Berlin during September 1st to 6th. According to the great success from the previous exhibition, with exhibitors from 50 countries and no less then 240 thousand visitors, this year will definitely be a huge one. And of course, Heise online will not going to miss the party! The editors of Heise, the most well-known German publishing house, will be reporting live from IFA about the hot topics about the products and market news and will be giving background reports for the highlights and top topics-from Notebooks to 4K contents, from Virtual Reality and Tablets right up to A/V streaming, smarthome and wearables. Since the readers mostly are from IT and tech industry, this upcoming exhibition will undoubtedly boost the readership! Are you one of the exhibitors? You want to draw more attention than you could on IFA? Adverting effectively is not an easy task, but here is a shortcut provided by Heise online.

German c’t is the most subscribed computer magazine in the Europe. With the great circulation up to 250 thousand copies and bi-week publication of c’t, your ads and reports will absolutely gain new and more exposure to public, thereby skyrocketing the brand awareness of your company and products! You probably know that X299 mainboards has been in the spot light recently, thanks to the new CPUs released by Intel. All the tech enthusiasts are deeply concerned about the reveal of the new mainboards. In the new issue of c’t, one of the main topics will be introducing the new mainboard, and with the hype, the number of readers will definitely increase.

Here are the main topics of 17th issue of 2017 of c’t (issue on Aug 5th, 2017):

Mainboards for Core X
Mainboards with socket LGA2066 are needed for Intels new high-end CPUs. Those have up to 18 cores and they are called Core X. The boards feature the X299 chip set and they can be equipped with several graphics cards, fast PCIe SSDs and up to 128 Gigabytes of RAM.

New Projects for The Raspberry Pi
c’t has developed four new projects where the Raspberry Pi can show off its versatility, e. g. as a door bell that calls you on the phone or a mobile endoscope. Furthermore we have designed a neat c’t-case for your own retro gaming console.

Backing Up Your Android Phone
Over time your Smartphone gathers lots and lots of irreplaceable data and memories. But Android has no simple way of saving “just anything”. We had a look at Android’s own backup capabilities and compare them to some smartphone vendors’ and third party tools.

Roll Your Own WSUS Updates
A WSUS server distributes updates for all Microsoft products to all PCs in a LAN. But if you use the right tool, it will also take care of third party apps used in your company.

Power Banks and Solar Chargers
When the smartphone battery is flat and no wall socket is in sight, mobile energy sources might just save your day. Large Powerbanks keep you safe for a whole week. Solar chargers and other mobile solutions fulfill the needs of hikers and other fans of outdoor activities.

Heise Job簡介

Heise重整了原屬於自己的線上求職媒合系統”Heise Job”,讓此一線上求職媒合系統變的讓ITC產業的(資訊.科技與通信)求職者,在閱讀上更簡單也更為友善。由其是在技術人員短缺的這個時間點更顯為重要。



Heise Download現況介紹

流量 ( 2017年1月):
網頁瀏覽量為: 72,4513 (資料來源:IVW認證機構)


Heise Download提供了各式各樣的軟體下載,從免費的檔案管理工具到訂單流程解決方案等,以上眾多軟體亦可直接向軟體廠商作購買。

Heise Download約有27,000個分類,有辦公室使用之軟體、遊戲軟體、網路系統軟體等..都可以透過便利的搜尋功能找到適合的軟體。也可以從熱門下載、特殊用途、下載排名和使用者回饋等,幫助使用者找到軟體。

除了Windows、Mac 和Linus作業系統外,各種適用於蘋果iPhone 、Android系統的智慧型手機、或者是黑莓機、NOKIA的Symbian手機、及Windows作業系統的手機等應用程式,在Heise Download上也都可以被找的到。


Heise Download現況介紹

流量 ( 2017年1月):
網頁瀏覽量為: 6,230,424 (資料來源:IVW認證機構)

涵蓋範圍(資料來源:AGOF 2016年12月數位現況使用調查報告):
Heise Security: 801,000 (不重覆拜訪人次)


*適用於Windows/ Mac OS/ Linus/ Smartphone的軟體
*軟體下載:聲音和影片 / 相片和圖像 / 休閒娛樂 / 行動裝置.傳真和公司行號 / 網際網路 / 網路與伺服器 / 辦公室作業系統 / 程式設計 / 安全 / 遊戲 /系統軟體 / 科學與科技 等類別

The c’t special issue ‘Smartphone-Fotografie’ (Smartphone Photography) is aimed at everyone who has integrated the smartphone in their everyday life and uses it to take pictures. The target group of the special issue is therefore not only ambitious amateur photographers, but also anyone who not only takes photos with their smartphone, but also orders photo products (such as photo albums), edits pictures on their mobile and is interested in other photo accessories including attachable lenses etc.


Accessories and services

Presenting useful photo accessories

Photography with spotting scopes

Ordering photo products by smartphone

Securing holiday snaps

Photo albums

Photo editing

Photo editing with KI

Photo editing in the browser

Better photos with the iPhone

Practical application

Photo tips for original smartphone photos

Photography apps

Children’s photos

Portfolios of well-known smartphone photographers

RAW photography

Smartphone-Fotografie’ provides readers with the latest and most comprehensive reports and related knowledge. Come and don’t miss out this chance joining us!

This c’t special issue will be available on September 11, 2017


iX Magazine is a monthly magazine focused on IT professionals and trends, and it is distributed worldwide as a print and pdf edition. Special inserts appear every month and focus on key elements of the industry, with deep technological topics updated quarterly

The data center & Infrastructure special insert for iX Magazine targets IT professionals, management, and decision makers and informs them about the latest in data center and cloud technology. This quarterly special, for the August 2017 issue is an excellent opportunity to get exposure with over 150.000 people working in your related field.

This special is a 24-page full-color insert which is spread with the iX magazine as well as being made available online as PDF for maximum exposure.
Read back issues of the Data center & Infrastructure specials here: Data center & Infrastructure back catalog (PDF)

Data centers and Infrastructure

Servers, cables, and cloud computing

Editorial content covered in this special issue:

Internet of Things.
Discover how small data centers work with edge intelligence to process data. With IoT technology rapidly evolving, we see data storage and processing happening more and more at the edge of the network. This requires more processing power and storage at the edge but greatly increases the versatility of IoT solutions

Managed Services
Co-location services can be an excellent choice for small businesses, without the need for costly investment and the looming worry of disaster recovery, utilizing a co-location service provides the comfort of reliability and service while taking away the costly investment of preparations for expansions should the need be there.

Cable management
Why Rittal is committed to start-up PatchBox. PatchBox, an Austrian start-up that focuses on rack cable management. PatchBox delivers more than a cleaner look, and simpler documentation it also speeds up installation and replacement in just a few minutes, whereas traditional racks would take over eight times longer to finish.

Big Data
How disruptive technologies receive high resistance in your organization. Any change is perceived with skepticism, especially when it involves an evolution in the hardware and software we use in daily business. Businesses that have adopted big data early have thrived, so why is your organization not following suit?

Open Source
Why the Linux community is more secure. The benefit of the open-source nature of Linux is the fact that anyone can read the code and suggest fixes, or highlight concerns. This has led to a higher-class of security on Linux, by default as it set higher standards and is not influenced by the legacy architecture of many Windows applications.

What are the security risks of running container services like Docker? Docker can be used very safely and is generally more secure than a VM or bare metal solution. Learn how to elevate your Docker security by preventing Kernel exploits, container breakouts, fend of DoS attacks, and guard against poisoned images.

Cloud network
How software-defined networks provide BoD (Bandwidth on Demand.) BoD changes how peak-traffic is handled, whereas it previously was set-up through the added complexity of MPLS networks for mission critical systems, today BoD software scales up network capacity when needed, and down when it’s not needed.

Data centers and infrastructure is a quarterly iX magazine special for everyone that is professionally involved with today’s and tomorrow’s data centers, reach 155.000 data center professionals worldwide.

most pressing topics handled in each special issue:

  • Network management, cabling, and infrastructure
  • Cloud trends and the latest developments in data storage, security, and processing
  • Visionary technological developments
  • New developments in data center cooling
  • New construction, upgrades, expansion, and modernization of data centers
  • back-up, fail-safe and recovery solutions
  • data center physical entry and security
  • Monitoring and power saving technologies

Various advertisement options are available in iX magazine, from two-page spreads to any quarter of a page.

You can still get your advertisement in if you act fast, as the cutoff date for acknowledging any advertisement is July 10th, ads need to be supplied by July 12th