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With contacts within specialized media such as retail technology, medical technology, military electronics and embedded computing, we target media that is relevant to clients. GlobalPR will raise awareness among key influencers such as customers, prospects and partners. Services offered are the following:

Writing Materials for Distribution to Media
Includes press releases, white papers, case studies, featured articles and other pieces of written material for purposes of gaining exposure.

Product Review Control and Management
Assign and manage reviews of select products to target media. Ensure reviewers fully understand the features and benefits of the product to maximize the likelihood of positive coverage.

Trade Show & Event Management
Find and book participation in trade shows and other industry events to maximize exposure among key influencers.

Speaking Events
Identify and secure opportunities for client executives to speak and/or participate on panel discussions or roundtables at trade shows and other industry events.

Key Influencer Identification and Engagement
Identify and monitor key forums, blogs and LinkedIn Groups for opportunities to engage directly with these key influencers.


Industrial PR in Action: GlobalPR’s Industry Experience in Germany

Germany is the industrial powerhouse of Europe with a wide-array of industrial publications to match it. The engineering culture is very professional. We know the key players and can help you introduce your product in a professional way that fits with the nuances of German culture.

We know and have experience with the German industrial media. We have helped to launch brands into the German-speaking market. We have worked with media and clients to find topics relevant to both parties in order to produce case studies about industrial PC products or technology.

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