The German Audit Bureau of Circulation (IVW) released the latest audit data for Q2 2017.

The latest numbers show that c’t magazine leads the market , with a total of 246’305 copies sold through subscriptions and newsstand sales, over 50 thousand more than the second contender ComputerBild, which is also targeting a different audience.

A similar situation shows for the more specialized iX magazine targeting computer professionals. Below graph shows the comparison of similar publications in the German market targeting IT professionals.

While above numbers are based on hard fact of copies sold, an even more interesting research result was published by Allensbach Media Market Analysis (AWA), one of the most important media market research firms in Germany.

This research does not focus on the actual copies sold, but on the analysis how many people actually read the publications.

The study is comparing reach in 2016 and 2017 and interestingly is showing that c’t magazine mentioned earlier is bucking the trend of declining of readership.

While other publications have high decrease in reach, maybe as readers can find similar information on the Internet, the reach of c’t is actually increasing.

This shows that the in depth and high authority content by the large editorial team by the Heise publishing group cannot be easily copied by online media. Readers seem to be noticing that.

It looks like 2017 is an interesting year for the German print publishers and we will be all looking forward for the next quarterly report.

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