iX Issue 09/17 Preview

Market Overview: Engineering
Deep learning, neural networks, machine learning, AI: Software that finds itself, how to solve problems, find connections and adapts to the user’s needs, is to change the IT basic. Amazon, Facebook, Google and so analyze the data gigantic masses of the Big Data era, while Microsoft, IBM and others want to revolutionize AI technology the office workplace. Meanwhile, the technology can be used in any company.

Automated procurement processes
Digitization and industry 4.0 also change the procurement processes in companies. Modern B2B procurement solutions and shopping platforms are to be relieved of routine routines and provide a comprehensive view of the purchasing process. IX provides an overview of providers and current trends.

Memory-centric computer architectures
CPUs are now busy shifting data between different storage types with different access times and transfer speeds. In the meantime, several companies, including Intel, Fujitsu, HPE, are working on architectures in which storage, RAM and cache are growing together and becoming the focus. At the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, researchers are developing data models for the appropriate in-memory applications.

Linux for the industry
In industry, machines have a running time of several decades and the software is also used for the same time. This means a lot of maintenance for the manufacturers. Under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation work companies such as Hitachi, Siemens, Toshiba and Code Think in the project “Civil Infrastructure Platform” (CIP) on a unified software foundation based on Linux for embedded and control systems, which will consist of at least 15 years. iX reports on the current state of the project.

Topic special iX-Extra “Hosting II”
The benefits of cloud services for enterprises are obvious: No initial investments and payment only after use. This is combined with the lack of control over data management. This includes pure software services as well as pre-configured application servers or virtual private servers (VPS). But even complete private clouds can be relocated to a hoster and operated by it securely.

Issue on August 24, 2017